Chairman’s Challenge

Former scholars of Sibford have long supported the School. Support has also been provided to current and old scholars.
As a child I was privileged to attend Sibford thanks to a local education grant. I was one of the lucky children whose life might have been completely different without the inspiration that the School gave me.

The Old School, Sibford Photographs by Russel Steed 1956-2001 -16
Parents of existing scholars often struggle to pay for their children to attend Sibford and often parent’s circumstances change during their children’s time at Sibford.
Not all old scholars go on to fame and fortune. In the current economic climate young adults struggle with the costs of further education and many older adults need to re-train.
I have been honoured with being invited to be SOSA’s President.
My goal for SOSC is to raise £50,000 a year in order to support the Aims of the Charity. I ask you to join me and my fellow Trustees in donating whatever you can afford and thus changing lives forever.